Business Finance And Financial Brokerage

Deciding that you would like to invest is often the easy part; knowing how to quantify risk and choose from hundreds of investment strategies is harder We work in partnership with your business, providing continuous support to implement a range of financial planning solutions.

financial advisory

Issuance Of Financing Instruments

ECR Plc is a member of the Lusaka Securities Exchange Plc and can serve as investment advisors and brokers through issuance of equities and corporate bonds.

Securities Trading/Brokerage

In April 2010, ECR Plc became a member of the Lusaka Securities Exchange Plc, thereby allowing the company to trade securities and sponsor the listing and issuance of securities on the Exchange.

venture capital

Venture Capital

ECR Plc is able to organize venture capital finance targeting the growth of small and medium enterprises through equity and debt instruments in particular preference shares and debt financing coupled with management and technical support.